For the third edition of the National Tourism Awards 2021, a special monetary recognition will be given to the winner of each category. Depending on the awarding partner, there will also be additional recognitions in some categories that aim to recognize and make the initiatives visible or provide training to the winners. In this edition, we will also have partners from outside the tourism sector in order to complement these recognitions.



  • Recognition and visibility.

  • The winner will be entitled to use the logo accrediting him as the winner.

  • The winners of these international categories will be recognized with a trip to Colombia within the year following the recognition. In order for the winner to receive this trip, he must give a pitch (summarized verbal presentation) to the National Tourism Awards 2021 organizers, supporting the initiative he/she applied with and showing the work plan with PROCOLOMBIA in the coming months.


Recognitions for the winner of the category “More welcoming than ever: Colombia’s relevance in international markets.”


  • United Nations World Travel Organization (UNWTO) scholarship.


Recognitions for the winner of the category “Colombia´s charm turned into news”


  • United Nations World Travel Organization (UNWTO) scholarship.


  • Editorial article in Colombia Co, which tells the story of the winner with a dissemination plan that generates a call to action to the information. The winner will also receive a Colombia CO merchandising Kit. Colombia Country Brand.