PROCOLOMBIA invites you to apply for the Colombia CO 2022 Tourism Awards. This event is aimed at recognizing and rewarding people, communities, entities, institutions, companies in the tourism sector, and the media, that, through their leadership, are transforming the tourism industry in Colombia, which is becoming a benchmark and model of transformation, sustainability and innovation, while taking into account new trends in the sector and the country's economic recovery.



The awards ceremony will take place on November 22, 2022 in person at the National Museum of Colombia, and virtually. The details of the locations and conditions for participation in person and the link for virtual assistance will be announced in due course.



Those interested in participating must fill out the application form in its entirety, as appropriate for the category of interest on the platform provided for this purpose: With this form, the supports and evidence indicated for each category may be uploaded in the formats that the applicant requires. Applications that meet the requirements will be considered for participation in the Tourism Awards Colombia CO 2022. This version of the Tourism Awards will have nine categories and one recognition.

The organizing committee of the Tourism Awards 2022, led by the Vice President of Tourism of PROCOLOMBIA, will select the three finalists in each category based on the specific criteria mentioned on this page. After this, the external juries defined for each category will select the winner, which will be announced on the day of the awards ceremony.



Please read carefully the following terms and conditions that regulate carrying out and taking part in the activity.When participating this activity, it is understood that these terms and conditions are accepted, that you agree to them and consent is granted regarding acceptance. If you do not agree, please refrain from participating.

a. Natural persons, legal persons and companies legally constituted in Colombia of the following nature may apply: tourism operators, travel agents, accommodations establishments, airlines, airports, ports, OPC's (Professional Congress Organizer), DMC's (Destination Management Company), wedding planners, venues (traditional and non-traditional), journalists, cultural agents, tourism entities, NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations), tour guides, influencers, OTAs (Online Travel Agencies), according to the category that applies.

Also legally constituted promotion offices and convention bureaus.  

b. Those interested in participating can apply in up to two categories with the possibility of winning only one. In case of applying for two categories and obtaining the highest score in each of them, the participant will be the winner in the one for which they applied first. 

c. To participate, it is recommended to be available to travel to the city of Bogotá D.C., where the award ceremony will take place on November 22. For those who cannot attend, there will be an online broadcast of the event. The inability to attend in person does not disqualify the possibility of participating in the event. In the event that the people who participate and are finalists for the respective recognition reside or are outside of Bogotá and within the national territory, PROCOLOMBIA will cover the expenses for a single person of accommodations (one night) in a single room (includes hotel taxes), two domestic flights (round trip) from any city in Colombia to the city where the recognition ceremony is held, in accordance with PROCOLOMBIA's travel policy. Does not apply to land transfers due to internal policies of PROCOLOMBIA. Participants must confirm/cancel their trip at least three weeks (calendar days) prior to the ceremony. 

d. PROCOLOMBIA reserves the right to make changes to its holding of the event virtually or in person, subject to the guidelines determined by the National Government.    We are obliged to let the participants know in a timely manner through the website of these circumstances and if any changes occur, 

e. Complete the application form set up in the CATEGORIES section in its entirety, as appropriate.

f. The three (3) finalists in each category must present to the organizing team of the Tourism Awards a video of a maximum of five minutes in which they support the initiative with which they applied, and evidence the work plan with PROCOLOMBIA in which the resources will be invested, according to its strategic line, to be carried out during the following year (November 22, 2022-November 22, 2023). The work plan must be submitted in the format indicated at the time for this purpose. The presentation of this work plan will be a requirement for the selected businessperson to access the sum of COP $12,000,000 through the economic support modality. The PROCOLOMBIA Organizing Committee and the juries may request additional information if required. If said information is not received within the required times and under the conditions described, it is understood that the participant agrees to be graded with the information previously sent.

g. Each of the applications will be reviewed and verified with respect to compliance with all established requirements.

h. No person who is part of the partners or jurors of the Tourism Awards may apply as a natural person, nor may companies, institutions, communities or media in which the partners or jurors of each category participate. Nor can natural persons, companies, institutions, communities or media with proposals that have received resources from PROCOLOMBIA apply. All information received during this process will be handled confidentially and in compliance with the provisions of PROCOLOMBIA's data protection policy, which you can consult at

i. The only application channel is through the completion of the form on the event page indicated in this document and during the established dates.

j. Employees, external employees and/or officials of PROCOLOMBIA and/or companies directed by them, or by their relatives up to the fourth degree of consanguinity, second degree of affinity and first civil degree of the aforementioned, may not participate.

k. In any case, the participants accept and guarantee that they will hold PROCOLOMBIA harmless with respect to any claim by third parties that claim to have any copyright over the published material resulting from participation in this activity. Likewise, the participants waive the presentation of any claim for the use of their images, by virtue of which they accept that, with this, their privacy, honor, reputation or good name is not affected.

l. Speaking of the supports for your candidacy, it is requested that no minor be involved in the photograph/video (if any); that it not be of an obscene or pornographic nature, nor defame the honor, honorability, reputation or good name of any person.  PROCOLOMBIA reserves the right to disregard the photographs/videos that have these characteristics.

m. That in the preparation of the photograph with which you will participate in the activity, no illegal acts have been carried out, the right to privacy has been respected at all times and the respective authorization has been obtained, in writing, from the photographer/videographer to distribute and publish the photograph/video. If required, the proposer would have to present the respective support (authorization).

n. That they are the owner of the copyright on the photograph where their image appears or have the respective authorization of the photographer, and therefore authorize PROCOLOMBIA to publish the photograph with their image, in any PROCOLOMBIA service, in print and/or or published on paper and/or in electromagnetic and/or digital media, anywhere in the world, for an indefinite duration, identified with a trademark owned by PROCOLOMBIA or of which PROCOLOMBIA is its licensee or licensor. Likewise, they declare that they authorize PROCOLOMBIA to use the published photos to promote any editorial and/or commercial product associated with PROCOLOMBIA's own brands that are licensed by third parties.

o. That you will not file any claim against PROCOLOMBIA or its directors, representatives, employees, or any other entity or person acting on its behalf, related to losses or damages (including, but not limited to, indirect or consequential losses), damages, rights, claims or actions of any kind as a result of your participation in the activity, your acceptance or use of the recognition, or of any other aspect related to the activity or the Terms and Conditions. You represent and warrant that you will not take any legal action or initiate any other procedure that is related to the activity or its Terms and Conditions. The decision of PROCOLOMBIA regarding any matter of the activity will be final, binding and enforceable.

p. You will hold PROCOLOMBIA harmless with respect to any claim from third parties who claim to have a copyright on the photograph or who feel harmed with respect to their image, privacy, honor, reputation or good name.

q. During the process of receiving photographs, PROCOLOMBIA reserves the right to approve or reject any photographs that, in accordance with its criteria, are not suitable to be part of the activity. PROCOLOMBIA's decision is final and absolute, and is not subject to review.

r. PROCOLOMBIA reserves the right to end the activity or modify the activity or disqualify photographs, in case of fraud or suspected fraud, technical difficulties or any other factor beyond the control of PROCOLOMBIA that could compromise the integrity of the activity or that threatens the promotional, competitive and recreational spirit of the activity. You accept and agree that you will comply with all the rules of the activity and agree to release PROCOLOMBIA from any claim if it decides to exercise the aforementioned rights.

s. Likewise, PROCOLOMBIA will not be responsible for electronic transmissions that are incomplete, confusing or have errors, nor for any other technical flaw that these transmissions may have due to or on the occasion of sending or receiving them.

t. The participants accept that PROCOLOMBIA can use the brand for any purposes that this event requires and, in this sense, waive any claim for the use of their images, and accepts that, therewith, this does not affect their privacy, honor, reputation or good name.

u. Awards are non-transferable. Recognition may not be substituted for cash or any other good. Furthermore, this activity cannot be combined with other PROCOLOMBIA events or contests.

v. In the event that the applicant does not accept the conditions of participation contained in these Terms and Conditions, it will be considered as an express waiver of participation.

w. In the event that the winner of the recognition does not accept the conditions thereof, it will be considered as an express waiver of the same. In addition, understanding and accepting that said waiver implies waiving any claim that could be exercised in any instance, including administrative and/or judicial instances and also waives exercising total or partial compensation actions against PROCOLOMBIA.

x. The recognition must be claimed personally by the winner. If the winner is unable to personally attend the award ceremony, they may grant authorization to a third party to represent them. Likewise, the winner agrees to sign the certificates of delivery of the recognition that PROCOLOMBIA has.

y. PROCOLOMBIA reserves the right to make changes to the format, temporarily or definitively, and immediately suspend and/or postpone the activity that is the subject of these terms, in the event of detecting or learning of irregularities or fraud in its development, or in the event in the event of an event of force majeure or fortuitous event that seriously affects its execution. PROCOLOMBIA will not be responsible for claims arising from such suspension, postponement and/or cancellation.

z. PROCOLOMBIA may make the decision to disqualify any of the participants in this activity in the event it detects any allegedly fraudulent action, to eliminate any negative comment, photograph, video that discredits any or all of the entities involved, including the national government of Colombia.