PROCOLOMBIA invites applications for the PROCOLOMBIA National Tourism Awards 2021. This event aims to recognize and reward individuals, communities, entities, institutions, companies in the tourism sector, and media outlets who are transforming the tourism industry in Colombia through their leadership, becoming an example and model of transformation, sustainability, and reactivation after extraordinary circumstances and thus contributing to the economic reactivation of Colombia’s tourism industry.



The awards ceremony will be held both in-person and online on November 30, 2021. Details regarding the locations and conditions for in-person participation as well as the link for online attendance will be announced in due time.





Those interested in participating must fill out the application form in its entirety, according to the category of interest, on the platform provided for this purpose

. This form may be used to upload the supporting documentation and evidence required for each category, in the formats decided by the applicant. Applications that meet the requirements will be considered for the PROCOLOMBIA National Tourism Awards 2021. This edition of the National Tourism Awards 2021 will have two international categories.


The organizing committee of the National Tourism Awards 2021, led by PROCOLOMBIA’s Vice-Presidency of Tourism, will select the three finalists in each category according to the specific criteria mentioned on this page. Subsequently, a judge chosen for each category will select the winner, which will be announced on the day of the awards ceremony.






Please carefully read the following terms and conditions governing conduct and participation in the activity.    

By participating in this activity, it is understood that you accept these terms and conditions and that you agree with and consent to them. If you do not agree, please refrain from participating.


  1. Foreign travel agencies may apply if they have the documents indicated in the section ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS.

  2. Those interested in participating may apply in up to two categories with the possibility of winning in only one. If a participant applies in two categories and earns the highest score in both, the participant will be the winner in the category applied for first. 

  3. In order to participate, availability to travel to the Colombian city where the awards ceremony will take place on November 30 is recommended, if it is in person, which will be defined according to the circumstances at that time. For those unable to attend, the event will be streamed online. Not being able to attend in person does not disqualify participation in the event. If participants who are finalists for the respective recognition live in Colombia but outside of Bogotá, PROCOLOMBIA will cover the expenses for one person for: lodging (1 night) in a single room (including hotel taxes) and domestic air transportation from any city in Colombia to the city where the awards ceremony will be held, in accordance with ProColombia’s travel policy.

  4. PROCOLOMBIA reserves the right to make changes to the event, specifically regarding it being held online or in-person, as per the guidelines provided by the national government concerning the current situation due to the pandemic. We will inform the participants of these circumstances and of any changes that may occur via the website.

  5. Fill out the entire application form on the website mentioned in the section HOW THE ACTIIVTY WORKS according to the corresponding category.

  6. Términos y condicionesThe three (3) finalists in each category must give a pitch (summarized verbal presentation) to the National Tourism Awards 2021 organizers supporting the initiative he/she applied with and showing the work plan with PROCOLOMBIA for the following year (November 30, 2021 – November 30, 2022), according to its strategic line. The work plan must be submitted in the format indicated at the time for this purpose. The winners of these international categories will be recognized with a trip to Colombia within the year following the recognition. In order for the winner to receive this trip, he must give a pitch (summarized verbal presentation) to the National Tourism Awards 2021 organizers, supporting the initiative he/she applied with and showing the work plan with PROCOLOMBIA in the coming months. The PROCOLOMBIA organizing committee and the judges may request additional information if required. If such information is not received on time or under the conditions described, it is understood that the participant agrees to be scored with the information previously sent.

  7. Each application will be reviewed and verified for compliance with the established requirements.  

  8. None of the partners or judges of the National Tourism Awards 2021 may apply as an individual. Likewise, companies, institutions, communities, or media outlets of which partners or jurors are a part may not participate in this call for proposals. All information received during this process will be handled confidentially and in compliance with PROCOLOMBIA’s data protection policy, which can be found at

  9. The only way to apply is by filling out the application form on the event page indicated in this document.

  10. Employees, collaborators, and/or officials of PROCOLOMBIA may not participate—nor may companies managed by them, their relatives up to the fourth degree of consanguinity, second degree of affinity, or first degree civil relationship.

  11. In any case, the participants accept and ensure that they will hold PROCOLOMBIA not accountable from any claim by third parties who allege to have any type of copyright on the published material resulting from participation in this activity. Similarly, participants waive any claim for using their image, by virtue of which they accept that their privacy, honor, reputation, or good name will not be affected. 

  12. Regarding supporting documentation, we request that photos/videos (if any) not involve any minors. They must not be of obscene or pornographic nature or offend the honor, reputation, or good name of anyone. PROCOLOMBIA reserves the right to disregard photographs/videos with these characteristics.  

  13. Regarding the photograph(s) submitted for the activity, we request that no illegal acts were incurred, the right to privacy was respected at all times, and the respective written authorization from the photographer/videographer was obtained to distribute and publish the photograph(s)/video(s). The applicant must present the respective supporting documentation (authorization).

  14. The applicant is the copyright owner of the photograph in which his image appears or has the photographer’s authorization, and therefore authorizes PROCOLOMBIA to publish the photograph with his image in any PROCOLOMBIA service, printed and/or published in a hard copy and/or via electromagnetic media and/or digital media, anywhere in the world, for an indefinite period of time, identified with a trademark owned by PROCOLOMBIA or of which PROCOLOMBIA is its licensee or licensor. The applicant authorizes PROCOLOMBIA to use the published photos to promote any editorial and/or commercial product associated with PROCOLOMBIA’s own brands licensed by third parties.

  15. The applicant will not file any claim against PROCOLOMBIA or its directors, representatives, employees, and any other entity or person acting on its behalf, related to losses or damages (including, but not limited to, indirect or consequential losses), rights, claims, or actions of any kind as a result of his/her participation in the activity, his/her acceptance or use of the recognition, or any other aspect related to the activity or the Terms and Conditions. You state and guarantee that you will not take any legal action or initiate any other proceeding in connection with the activity or its Terms and Conditions. PROCOLOMBIA’s decision regarding any matter related to the activity shall be final, binding, and enforceable.

  16. The applicant must hold PROCOLOMBIA harmless with respect to any claim by third parties who allege to have a copyright on a photograph or who feel harmed with respect to their image, privacy, honor, reputation, or good name.  

  17. During the process of receiving photographs, PROCOLOMBIA reserves the right to approve or reject photographs that, according to its criteria, are not suitable for the activity. PROCOLOMBIA’s decision is final and absolute and is not subject to review.   

  18. PROCOLOMBIA reserves the right to terminate or modify the activity or disqualify photographs, in case of fraud or suspected fraud, technical difficulties, or any other factor beyond PROCOLOMBIA’s control that could compromise the integrity of the activity or undermine the activity’s promotional, competitive, and recreational spirit. You accept and agree that you will comply with all the activity’s rules and agree to release PROCOLOMBIA from any liability if it exercises the aforementioned rights. 

  19. PROCOLOMBIA will not be responsible for electronic transmissions that are incomplete, confusing, or inaccurate, or for any other technical failure that may occur in sending or receiving such transmissions. 

  20. The participants accept that PROCOLOMBIA may use the trademark for the purposes required by this event. As such, the participants waive any claim regarding the use of their image and accept that this does not affect their privacy, honor, reputation, or good name.

  21. The recognitions are non-transferable. The recognition may not be substituted for cash or any other good. In addition, this activity is not cumulative with other PROCOLOMBIA events or contests.

  22. In the event that the applicant does not accept the conditions of participation contained in these Terms and Conditions, this will be considered an express waiver of participation.  

  23. If the winner of the recognition does not accept the conditions of the recognition, this will be considered an express waiver of the recognition. Furthermore, understanding and accepting that such waiver implies waiving any claim that could be exercised in any instance, including administrative and/or judicial proceedings, and also waives the right to exercise total or partial indemnity actions against PROCOLOMBIA.  

  24. The recognition must be personally claimed by the winner him/herself. If the winner is unable to attend the award ceremony in person, he/she may authorize a third party to represent him/her. Likewise, the winner agrees to sign that he/she received the recognition provided by PROCOLOMBIA.  

  25. PROCOLOMBIA reserves the right to make changes in the format, suspend, and/or temporarily or permanently and immediately postpone the activity mentioned in these terms if any fraud or irregularities are detected during this activity, or in the case of force majeure or unforeseeable circumstances that seriously affect its execution. PROCOLOMBIA shall not be liable for any claims arising from such suspension, postponement, and/or cancelation.  

  26. PROCOLOMBIA may make the decision to disqualify any of the participants in this activity if any alleged fraudulent action is detected and eliminate any comment, photograph, or negative video that discredits any or all of the entities involved, including the Colombian government.