The National Tourism Awards 2021 include all industry stakeholders. Therefore, if you are a journalist, media outlet or a foreign travel agency who is actively promoting Colombia as a leisure tourism and meetings industry destination internationally, you have the opportunity to apply to one of the 13 categories for a chance to win.  


If you want to participate in the National Tourism Awards 2021, please consider the specific requirements according to your profile.


If you are a journalist or media outlet, you must have the following documents to register:


  • Participant’s ID

  • Work references for the last two years (minimum of two)

  • Three (3) of your publications from the last year

  • If you are a media outlet, you must also have a photocopy of the legal representative’s ID, enlarged to 150%.


If you are a foreign travel agency, you must have the following documents:


  • Local certificate validating your company’s legal formalization

  • Work references for the last two years (minimum of two)